donderdag 10 oktober 2019

Desert Lake. Donna Blue

Donna Blue has featured on this blog since it's first single, although the first one took me a while to adjust to. So at least until the release of the first album, most likely containing all the singles, I will keep up the good work and inform you on the progress Donna Blue is making.

The first sounds on Desert Lake sound familiar. The longing for a lot of things, but things past foremost, exudes from the tones, the reverb drenched guitar notes. Things change once Danique van Kesteren starts singing. Desert Lake may well be Donna Blue's most longing song to date. Somehow there is even more longing in the whole of the song. Does it have to do with the hint of mariachi I discern in the music? The crossing between Calexico and Mexico?

Of course the whistling brings to mind a spaghetti western of some fame and those, dry, windy, dusty deserts, without the lake. An eternal loneliness seems to be beholden in that soft whistle. The storyteller has been left behind, "forever shrouded in the mystery". Listen how that sentence is followed by a beautiful guitar solo of no more that a few seconds.

The 60s are all over the music of Donna Blue and Bart van Dalen's guitar sound. Here nothing has changed. This duo, with the assistance of the rhythm section, is slowly but surely creating a world of its own. Seven songs into the adventure I can only say: Keep laying it on me. The mystery created by Donna Blue still makes me crave for more.


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