woensdag 1 januari 2020

The best read posts on WoNoBlog 2019

Happy New Year WoNo Magazine reader! May 2020 be a fantastic year with beautiful, great and exciting music on record, live and played.

Until February 2019 I was, with a few, single, notable exceptions, able to write: these are the post you favoured most this year and ever. Usually because a special community had picked up a post and read it or for a less discernable reason, individuals read the post.

After March 2019 I can write with complete certainty, most of the posts on the blog are and were boosted by bots. Some a little bit more that others, with a notable exception during my summer holiday (no tweeting, is that the link?). Don't ask me why or what but clicking on the 25 latests posts must be making somebody money for what ever reason and by whatever means. And yet, the few that really stood out, only did so because some community picked it up also.

In a way it is a sad thing. Despite the fact that in the past interest in some posts was tremendously low, truly as if no one in the world was interested to learn a little more by that specific artist (at least from me that is), others were (very) well read. Now, there simply is no telling any more. Hundreds of clicks and a lot more have become the norm, while I know there's nobody behind the clicks except for a (few) bot(s).

So is there value in this list? Yes, because the top few acts have fans interested enough to learn more (from me). At least the top five has a chance it would have ended the same. So here they are with a link should you like to read the post (once again).

10. Beaming Light. Freedom Candlemaker


9. Colors Bleed. Crooked Ghost


8. She's The One. The Dogmatics


7. Osmosis. I Am Oak


6. Dragon Welding. Dragon Welding


5. The Analogues live. Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Saturday 5 October 2019


4. Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lana del Rey


3. De Domela Passie. Meindert Talma


2. Jane Willow live. Haarlem, vrijdag 30 augustus 2019


1. Echo Chamber. The Strange


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