donderdag 9 januari 2020

Teach Me. Lizzy

Lizzy, is singer Lise Reyners who featured on this blog before as the singer and guitarist of the band FELIZ. Here she returns as a solo singer. Working with producer Joes Brands again, she creates a totally different world than with FELIZ (and changes language).

With Teach Me Lizzy presents a song that is modern in sound but not without creating an atmosphere that is as mysterious as it is enticing. The way the vocal is repeated in a ghostlike form is so nice. Teach Me is an open invitation to join in. A song to step into as it were. A song that is able to encapsulate the listener totally, making me one with it.

For me there are two conflicting sensations going on. The music is of the kind that usually does not do a lot for me. Modern and a form of cold because of all the electronics. The vocal melody however is of a warmth and depth that the electronic music becomes totally one to me. Think Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence' here. They totally mix as only a few songs in this genre have ever done before for me.

The song as a whole starts to shine like the vocal melody already does. Where the previous single, 'We Can Make This Beautiful', emulates other modern singers a bit too much, Teach Me taps into a tradition that goes back all the way to Alison Moyet in Yazoo. Teach Me can match 'Nobody's Diary' easily and is on par with a more recent indie release like Dee's 'Love Massacre' from 2015.

It says that Brands and Reyners have worked for a long time on just this one song. I can really imagine it, as it holds so much details, all these little sounds and beats. Teach Me is an extremely rich song, full of details to fall for. As a whole it is a treasure where triphop meets pop.

In the bio it says that FELIZ is no more. In that case, welcome Lizzy.


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