woensdag 7 maart 2018

Franz Ferdinand Live. Oosterpoort, Groningen Sunday 4 March 2018

Well, do you wanna? Seldom a more superfluous question was asked to an audience. The Oosterpoort was filled with Franz Ferdinand fans who only wanted one thing: to have a good time with their favourite band. No matter how much love and affection singer Alex Kapranos wanted, needed, craved and begged for, he got it all.

It came as something of a shock to realise that it was probably nine years ago I last saw the band. In the, now former, Beer Hall in Amsterdam, after the release of 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'. Time flies. The first time was in the same venue after 'Take Me Out' broke big.

This gig started with the only song it could have started with, that tremendously good opening song and title track of the new album: 'Always Ascending'. The upbeat pulse of the song makes it one of the best the band ever released. There is enough material in 'Always Ascending', once pulled apart and developed separately could result into three fine pop songs. The superior opening was followed by the first single of the second album, 'Do You Want To?'. from that moment onwards not much could go wrong with this evening.

The selection of songs soon gave away a pattern: one old, one new song. So we got to hear most of the new songs. Not all are party raisers, but there is not one bad song between them. For the wild abandon section, Franz Ferdinand still depends on the hitsingles of its first album, 'Franz Ferdinand'. Although there is nothing wrong with the hits in between. 'Love Illumination' certainly got a lot of response. Too bad 'Bullet' wasn't played, my favourite song of the previous album.

Franz Ferdinand excels in two things. Playing the strangest rhythm while never forgetting the melodies that make up smash hit songs. Where a band like Gang of Four in the early 80s had weird rhythms and stop starts, but no melody in sight, Franz Ferdinand dispenses them like there is no effort involved. As if changing a song totally two or three times within the song, like 'Huck & Jim' does not put most people off, because predictability is left out to sail away in stormy winds.

The superb rhythm of 'Lazy Boy' where every few beats there seems to be a correction necessary which gives the song a great vibe is amazing to follow on record and live. And drummer Paul Thomson just sings along despite all the complex timing involved. Franz Ferdinand plays music that appeals to the body, the soul and the brain all in one.

The two new members if anything kick a lot of life into the band, if only because the guitars and keyboards can be played simultaneous now or three guitars all at once. A lot of swing is put into the band and synthesizers producing all sorts of sounds. Especially keyboardplayer/guitarist Julian Corrie adds an element of show to the band on stage. His strong presence adds to the whole of Franz Ferdinand. Additionally Alex Kapranos now has the freedom to do whatever he likes and uses this freedom to play the audience and serve it to the best of his abilities. More the frontman than ever.

I can only end with writing what a fine birthday present this was, thank you, son!

I only saw two songs by opening act Pip Blom. Too little to really write anything on. What I noticed, was a fine melodic sense, power and nothing that scared me away. So who knows some more on the band at some time in the future.

The real surprise came after the show when we had a last drink in a pub, where a duo started to sing and play. Just an acoustic guitar and a tambourine. The two were experts at mashing songs up. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', the music, with the lyrics of 'Billy Jean', 'Long Train Running' with 'Sex Machine' and a song I do not remember, alternating the vocals per song as well. Just very well done and played and sung. Who were you guys? Then I can name you here.

And then the personnel behind the bar changed and guess what? They just came from the same show in De Oosterpoort. Small world.


Here's the link to our Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/glazu53/playlist/6R9FgPd2btrMuMaIrYeCh6?si=KI6LzLaAS5K-wsez5oSO2g

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