zaterdag 14 september 2019

Gypsy. Eilen Jewell

It is husband Jason Beek who opens Gypsy. The rhythm he lays down is Creedence Clearwater Revival one. Pure swamprock, with a tip of the hat to the recently deceased Tony Joe White in there as well.

After the well received bluescover album 'Down Hearted Blues' Eilen Jewell returns with an album full of originals. Opener 'Crawl' could have been on the previous album, just so to not confuse newly fans (like me). The reverb guitar solo's sound instantly familiar, the violin solo a nice addition to the sound.

In the second song, 'Miles To Go', Eilen Jewell takes a country turn into the territory where she has worked for most of her career, the edge of singer-songwriter - country - blues. For me this is dangerous territory. The inhibitions of my youth have never truly left me. When country used to be Pussycat, Tammy Wynette and men from the U.S. with hats and a drawl. For parts of Gypsy Eilen Jewell leads her listeners into music from that era. In others she leads her band into more solid territory. So parts of Gypsy are touch and go for me. My mood sometimes tolerates a song like 'You Cared Enough To Lie'. Where 'C'est La Vie', Emmylou Harris' Chuck Berry cover, does work for me, this song doesn't on an average day.

'79 Cents (The Meow Song)' doesn't leave much to comment on. A very witty response to a privately made comment by an at the time certain well-known celebrity cum businessman, now called to the highest station in the U.S. Funny, committed and nothing left to guess.

Promo photo: Joanna Chattman
The choice of music is diverse. From swamprockers to country ballads and an empty atmospheric song like the title song takes flexibility of the listener. I am happy because of it, because it allows me to listen to Gypsy as a whole. No, I am not happy with the country flavoured songs, but I know that things I do like are coming and I can always skip what is in between on the wrong days. So give me 'Working Hard For Your Love' any day and moment before 'These Blues'.

What remains is that I like Eilen Jewell's voice. Something that helps me with Karen Jonas e.g. as well. Where I like Jonas' voice even better, the result is identical. They help me get through the true country songs to enjoy the album.

Summing up, Gypsy is an album made with love for these songs. It's just that not all them are meant for me. I can live with that thanks to the others that certainly are.


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