zaterdag 12 april 2014

Bade live in Het Paard van Troje, Den Haag 11 April 2014

Bade, photo: Wo.
Life is full of surprises and watching Bade (pronounced in Dutch, so Baa-duh) supporting Sunday Sun is one of these. Perhaps supporting is a wrong definition here. Bade played for about an hour, just like Sunday Sun did. It seems better to speak of a double bill with Bade having the first slot.

Bade is a new band. This was only its second gig and that showed here and there. Some charming miscommunication or starting a song when others were not ready. It did not take anything away from the charm of the show itself. After a hesitating start, the band shook of its restraints, rocked in all the right places, held back when appropriate.

Bart van Liemt, photo: Wo.
Bade is the new band of Bart van Liemt. In the 00s he played in Haarlem based band The Sheer, was a part of Baskerville and is back with a new initiative. He is a sight to see. Bending double when singing as if in pain, nervously shuffling a bunch of papers in front of him. (Lyric sheets? If so the bending is only to get closer to the sheets when necessary?) Around him a bunch of youngsters. The guitar player was more amazed about where she found her self, on stage, than anything else. One big smile of wonderment and working hard to get herself into the gig, which she managed to do.

The music went a bit up and down. (All was totally new, remember.) Not all was to my personal taste, especially the more poppy songs. Others were extremely good. A hard rocking song and one I remember as 'Miracle wave', I really liked. But above that all, I truly enjoyed Bart van Liemt's voice. This guy can sing and has different voices in him. He can sing higher, low and with different textures. And that is an element which is at the basis of all good rock and pop singers. On the whole Bade has to gel more, but has set a decisive step to becoming a band: songs of interest are presented.

Tess, photo: Wo.
One piece of advice and it is well meant. Bart, do a away with the hat and buy yourself a decent pair of jeans and a jacket. I won't repeat what my son said to me, but it wasn't nice and he was serious about it. Your band and music are to good to waste because of looks. Bade really surprised me and I'm looking forward to hearing the album after the summer when the release is scheduled. A verdict that was sanctioned by all three of us present.


You can listen to first single 'Hide no more' here.

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