zondag 11 oktober 2015

V. Wavves.

All these V's and W's! Confusing and just like it's meant to confuse. This guy must come from Leiden and pronounce his R's as W's. I don't care, really. Where before V I didn't much care for the music of Wavves, this changes with the band's latest issue. It seems like Tim Knol's new band The Miseries paved the way here. 'Way too much' even starts like one of the songs on 'The Miseries'. Punky fun.

On the cover there is mystery. A shrouded figure like a pilgrim or monk from the Middle Ages. In black so mystery is added, with spilled chalices with wine like blood. So an acolyte of the devil? There's nothing of mystery in the music itself. Wavves goes straightforward and steady as she goes. The songs are uptempo, one of a kind, with its feet in the kind of songs that come out the U.S. punk scene for years. In the place where The (early) Beach Boys meet The Sexpistols and The Ramones. Pop is the word and after that speed and noise are added. Melodies fly around as do the guitars. The rhythm section keeps things going just nicely.

Deep at heart it is this simple: If you appreciate the opening track, 'Heavy Metal Detox', please continue. If not, there's not much use to spill your valuable time. I went in and found an album that is more than alright. Perhaps a little lightweight, but there's nothing wrong with that. I do not need an 'If You Should Go Before Me' by City and Colour at all times of the day. No matter how monumental the record is. V is the antidote to seriousness. It is relaxing and fun. Enough said.


You can listen to 'Heavy Metal Detox' here:


or buy at Bol.com

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