donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Moths. Einfach Kurt

Interesting. Planning to write a review, I can't even find the cover of the album anywhere. Speaking of being able to keep a secret. Now I've had the pleasure to be let on into this secret for a while and it's time to report.

In his bio Einfach Kurt (for unknown reasons I keep writing Einfach Karl) tells a story of murder ballads, darkness, nights and virtually nothing about himself. Except that he's a singer-songwriter. I also remember something about coming from Nijmegen, but why I can't even reproduce any more. So the band is as mysterious as its music. So let's focus on just that: the music as there is a lot to tell here.

Let me start with dropping a name and not just any name, Nick Cave. Now I had nothing with the Australian bard until his last album, Push The Sky Away. Einfach Kurt is on the one hand far more basic in his approach, while on the other is so much more varied in styles, but plays with the same atmosphere in his songs. That's where comparisons stop. This band is so much more in its approach to music. A much darker version of De Reisgenoot. Einfach Kurt isn't afraid of changing a lead instrument. Guitar, piano, organ, it all comes by, making Moths an album with a lot of variety musically in sound. The band also isn't afraid to switch between musical styles. Count the ways the singer dares to use his voice. Adding it all up, makes Moths a barrel full of surprises.

Although the general atmosphere may be tending beyond a darker grey and beyond towards pitch black, an acoustic guitar driven song like 'Postpone' shines like a torch anyway. 'Here I am', it is screaming in a combination of lightness and darkness. The title song goes even a step further. Again the singer sings with a higher voice and the lead piano notes give the atmosphere a hint of a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon.

It is in songs like this that Moths starts to creep up on me even more. Opening song 'Push Where It Hurts' is impressive with its whistle and all. The songs after that become even darker. 'Moths' is the kind of song that shows the proficiency of Einfach Kurt. This band is out to impress. With 'Midnight Conversation' true singer-songwriter territory is entered. Fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar and a duet with a lady singer called Tenfold. Although I think there are better songs on this album than the title song, it again shows how much the songs on Moths differ from each other.

Luckily the cd helps a bit with information. Koert van Essen is the singer-songwriter behind Einfach Kurt. His helpers are Martijn Kruisselbrink on drums and Jory de Kort on Double bass. The link with Nijmegen at a minimum is the recording studio. Sebastiaan Bijlevelt, producer.

Moths is an album very much worthwhile checking out. Einfach Kurt shows itself from many an angle and does so in ways that convince. The different roads taken all fit the band and by then I forgive the band the final song. In a way the listener gets several albums in one. Not all bands give that much.


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