woensdag 8 februari 2017

Kickstart campaign Maggie Brown

In 2014 you were able to find two reviews on this blog, by Erwin Zijleman and myself, on the self-titled album of Amsterdam band Maggie Brown and in 2015 a solo album of Marcel Hulst under the name of Mountaineer. After that things went quiet, until today.

Maggie Brown sent out message to the world that it is about to finish its second album called 'Another Place'. To do so it asks you to pledge a contribution. In fact, you are paying a deposit of course, with all sorts of little extras like a release party, private home shows, etc., depending on the amount pledged.

As you will find in the message linked to below, this blog is quoted: "The best album from Dutch shores in 2014 for sure". It is not hard to stand by that phrase in 2017.

Of course there are no guaranties for the future, but having undergone the songwriting skills of Marcel Hulst twice now, it is not hard to predict another fine record. Maggie Brown comes highly recommended by this blog.

So, help Maggie Brown out and get that new record out there. This is the place to go to and pledge the bit of your choice:


Dont wait too long as these campaigns always come with a limited time frame.


Want to learn more on 'Maggie Brown', the album? Have a taste or better: buy it here:


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