vrijdag 17 februari 2017

Five years ago today ......

..... the first post was published on this blog. It was a sad one:


by Tineke G. (who designed our fabulous logo). In Dutch. A lot has changed since then. Such a lot of great music was released, so many great artists left us for the eternal ever after. Great live shows were attended, interviews with artists became a regular feature. .No started his radio show 'Kairos' on Concertzender. New artists find us and present their music for a potential review, in fact pointing each other towards us. We even get promo copies and pre-listenings of new albums by record companies and musical PR services. Our contributors keep sending in their highly appreciated "stukjes" as we used to call them in the old days.....

...A real change came when .No and I decided in the fall of 2016 that the concept of a PDF WoNo Magazine was no longer of this day and that the blog had fully, completely taken it's place. It was great fun while it lasted, for nearly 16 years. "Some sort of a monument", as one of the former readers told me recently. On 31-12-2016 we published the last issue.

Over 1800 posts have been published since that day 5 years ago. All for the love of music. For now, let's go on with this show. Today it's Strike, the new album by Moss, tomorrow an interview with Aura Blaze. And much, so much more to come. Views went up steadily, even leaving the mysterious mass attention from Russians and Ukrainians aside. 2016 was our most successful year to date where views are concerned and 2017 has started promising.

Interested to join us as a contributor? Contact me and you could be in to, but above all enjoy music and I can only hope that every once in a while you find a post that inspires to listen, thus opening a new album to you.


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