maandag 20 oktober 2014

The fun of music

Last Saturday I had to go into town, to get something I had ordered. The weather was great. The second half of October and still t-shirt and polos all around. No need for sweaters or jackets. In other words ice cream weather. In my bag was a load of 45s that I had bought for a couple of euros. The likes of The Monkees, Mary Hopkin, The Golden Earrings, Davis Garrick, all in original sleeves. And, finally, a copy of one of my favourite oldest Stones single, 'Mother's little helper'. That one was a bit more expensive, but hey, 'Mother's little helper'!

Ice cream in hand I remember something else I needed from the Saturday market, now I was there. On the way I ran into live music. A band of five teenagers was playing a Queens of the Stone Age song. Next was a cover of Taymir, a band with members that were 17 years old when they released the album last year, being covered by an even younger band. And finally, an older song, 'A forest' by The Cure. They got pretty close to the erratic original. One thing I did notice. The bass was almost as big as the player, but this kid had some pretty nice and perfectly timed melodies woven inside his serving playing. He may be someone to watch.

Next the ex-drummer of the band I play in walked up to me. "These kids are better already than we ever were". I could only agree, but it's also irrelevant. Making music is about the fun of playing together. The difference starts if a band wants to get out of the rehearsal room. For these kids, I haven't a clue who they were and why they were playing on this stage; a music school band? Who knows. They played pretty good with enough left to learn.


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