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David Ramirez Live, Q-Bus Leiden. Friday 2 February 2018

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It was just as well that David Ramirez said somewhere into the show that he was doing quite alright and truly enjoying life, as many present may have begun to worry about him listening to his lyrics. Ramirez is an artist who enjoys looking at his dark side and is totally inspired by the darkness he then sees and feels.

Did I write in my review of Ramirez' last album that I wan't totally convinced (yet), but expected a great show if he could translate this feel to the stage? (Read here: http://wonomagazine.blogspot.nl/2018/01/were-not-going-anywhere-david-ramirez.html) Well, the album has convinced me in the weeks since the publication and David Ramirez totally delivered on stage.

The Q-Bus was pleasantly filled and saw a stage with just a guitar on it, one microphone and a stool with some stuff on it. A bearded man came on stage, strapped on the guitar, checked the tuning and started playing. The one hundred plus people present fell silent and remained silent for one and a half hour, in rapture of this man and his songs. Again the artist showed his appreciation of this, including how he is encountered, catered and musically supported in sound and all, pointing to the big differences with his home country the U.S. Something I just can't understand. If you pay someone to play on stage you would want him to be able to give the best show possible and not have him struggle through his show? And have the audience come back to enjoy such an experience? But who am I? Let me enjoy the luxury of Q-Bus.

Ramirez showed us his appreciation by playing his songs, at times with surprising emotion. He really showed us how he feels about certain topics. Even where fellow musicians are concerned. It is about what you have to say and nothing else. He made that very clear to us.

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The opening song on his latest albums 'Twins' starts with this sentence: "Where were you when we lost the twins". I took this sentence very literal. It shocked me. From the context listening live with the introduction to the song, pointing to the last election, it became clear to me "the twins" are the "Twin Towers". Funny how something can strike one like a revelation, all during listening to a beautiful song.

As a surprise to me I was treated to a cover of 'Vampire Blues', a cover of Neil Young's track that I finally got to see live at Young's show last year in Amsterdam. David Ramirez played a fine cover version of this dark and haunting song.

When he finally played his happy song, written as the good son he is after his mother's request, it was (almost) surprising how many times the word darkness can pop up in a song about the light. But then, without the other there is no contrast. A perfect combination of 'Forever Young' and 'I Shall Be Released' this song about the light was.

David Ramirez fulfilled all my expectations and more. One man, one guitar and sometimes an harmonica (yes, that Dylan influence came out live quite well at times) was all it took. Great show.


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  1. Found on Twitter by @ramirezdavid: "Thank you for the kind words. That was a wonderful night". It sure was!