vrijdag 22 april 2016

Prince (1958-2016) IM

Yesterday evening, diner time. Another great artist past away, which one? Prince. Too young, too early, perhaps by his own hand, OD. Too dumb? At 57 I tend to think so. It's not youthful exuberance and not being able to see the implications, is it?

Prince was never my cup of tea really. I'll admit though that there are some very good songs by the man and to some of them I danced a lot in the 80s and early 90s. 'Kiss', 'U Got The Look', 'Never Take The Place Of Your Man', 'Alphabet Street', 'Sexy MU', '1999'. Yes, they got me moving alright. And there's 'Purple Rain' of course. And a song I'd never heard before, that they played on the radio right after I found out, 'Sometimes It Snows In April'.

The moment Prince started playing his funk, it all became too far out for me, but obviously he touched a lot of people and has a large and loyal fan base around the world.

I went to see him play in 1987 in Galgenwaard, Utrecht. As I said, there were some good songs, but unfortunately he put most of them in a sort of medley and that was it for me. The 'Sign Of The Times tour' it was called. That was the only prince album I ever bought and there are two second hand ones and a present. All in their sleeves since the 80s.

As a person he most probably was extremely obsessive and always working, like true artists are. Always working on the next idea, no matter the consequences. Living in a world of his own. And difficult for himself and the whole world around him. He pre-ended his hitscoring career himself, before time and ageing did that for him. The TAFKAP period was not the smartest of career moves, although he may have felt better himself.

There were three great "disco" artists that broke really big in the 80s that were born in 1958. It is 2016 and there is only one left, Madonna. As I said, too early.

On top a picture of what I think is my favourite Prince single. With Sheena Easton of all people in the female vocal role: 'U Got The Look'.


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