maandag 11 april 2016

Hum. Eerie Wanda

A few weeks on since listening to Hum for the first time, I have a hard time remembering what publication tipped me on Eerie Wanda. I haven't a clue any more. It's not relevant, just me wondering.

Hum is the first release by Dutch, Croatian singer Marina Tadic, accompanied by friends, under the name Eerie Wanda. Some of the friends also play with Jacco Gardner.

This last comment is not so strange, as Eerie Wanda also looks back some decades in her music. More specific to the 1960s, starting with the softer side of The Velvet Underground. One soft singing voice, some guitars, high sounding and a rhythm section. With a faint hint at psychedelia added in the mix and the reader has a clear view of what Hum stands for.

The music is as light as a seed on the breeze, carried around defying gravity for as long as it can in anticipation of a place to land. The seeds on Hum land well. From the ramshackle pop of 'Happy Hard Times', to the Lana Del Rey singing in the title song, that seems so light but ends with such a harsh edge, Hum is fleeting. Almost to fleeting at times. Just listen to how 'Working In The Field' breezes by. The light-toned songs tend to become a bit of a blur in uniformity.

That is where a song like 'To Dream Again' comes to the rescue. The guitars have a more prominent role. I can't call it a riff, but they have some interesting lines played on them, one high and one low. The same goes for the very busy 'Vinnie'. The drums come alive and the tempo goes up.

I won't write that Eerie Wanda is an artist who is there. With Hum Ms. Tadic has presented an interesting first album that certainly has its moments. There are several very attractive songs on Hum, but overall it lacks in variety and a bite. There are too many songs in the exact same idiom. Individually they are attractive enough, all together they are just too much of the same. Like the already mentioned 'The Velvet Underground' Hum holds a 'Candy Says' and 'Jesus', but it lacks a 'What Goes On' or 'Beginning To See The light'. Maybe next time? It could work a miracle. For now enjoy what is on offer albeit sparingly.


You can listen to 'To Dream Again' here:

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