maandag 31 december 2012

2012 WoNo Magazine's blogpost most read articles

Our first year as a blog is nearing it's end. These our the articles you liked most. Should you have missed them, there's a link provided to catch up. Of course the rest is just as interesting....

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Let's get on with the most popular items of 2012. Thank you for your interest and see you in 2013!

10. Gé Hofenk by Harm

9. The Fudge live in Het Paard van Troje

8. The stars are indifferent to astronomy. Nada Surf

7. Ska pop-punk heaven. The Resignators with The Shakedown 8 live in de Q-Bus

6. The Kyteman Orchestra. A masterpiece?

5. Interview with Monster Cat

4. Larry and his Flask, the encore show in the Q-Bus

3. Larry and his Flask live in the Q-Bus

2. Girlyman with Glossy Jesus live in the Q-Bus


See you on the ice. Carice van Houten

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