zaterdag 4 januari 2020

The best read posts on WoNoBlog ever, 2012 - 2019

In the past years I was able to write, these are your absolute faves ever. I extended the list to 25 as a top 10 was a bit too small for all the posts that have been published in so many years (with the promised not to extend again and I will not). We will pass 3000 posts before spring.

Unfortunately I am no longer able to write these are your absolute faves. Although there were some posts already where strange things were going on, usually from eastern Europe, now bots from "unknown territory", Tor traffic I suppose, hit this blog every few minutes, creating "great viewing numbers", but it has nothing to do with reading. I have no clue what the business model could be of setting these bots to work on blog posts.

In the past there nearly always was a link between rising views and an artist or label retweeting the link to the post or adding the link on a social network. This boosted views enormously. Nowadays for some reason such an effort in most, not all, cases keeps numbers down compared to the bot traffic. Again do not ask me for what nor why. Hopefully my posts do not do harm to viewers. I am fairly certain my posts are not hacked and links provided by me go where they should be going.

So here is the list of which some are your faves but most are the faves of bots from unknown origin aided by something or someone in France and over the last weeks numerous domain names with a .xyz top level domain. There seems to be nothing good coming from there, just spam and bot traffic.

Here's the top 25, well 26 due to three ex aequo's.

     (-) Kiss The Money And Run. Monotales, 2019

     (-) Open Water. The Fire Harvest, 2019

24 (8)  Damaged Good. Bettie Serveert, 2016

23 (-) Omoiyari. Kishi Bashi, 2019

22 (-) Two Margaritas At The Fifty Five. Elizabeth The Second, 2019

     (-) Data Mirage Tangram. The Young Gods, 2019

     (-) Let's Rock. The Black Keys, 2019

19 (-) Bad News. The Gala, 2019

18 (-) Beaming Light. Freedom Candlestick, 2019

17 (-) Colors Bleed. Crooked Ghost, 2019

16 (-) She's The One. The Dogmatics, 2019

15 (-) Osmosis. I Am Oak, 2019

14 (-) Dragon Welding. Dragon Welding, 2019

13 (-) The Analogues live. Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Saturday 5 October 2019

12 (-) Norman Fucking Rockwell!. Lana del Rey, 2019

11 (-) De Domela Passie. Meindert Talma, 2019

10 (-) Jane Willow live. Haarlem, vrijdag 30 augustus 2019

  9 (7) Bowie for Dummies by Tineke G., 2017

  8 (-) Echo Chamber. The Strange, 2019

  7 (6) The Analogues live, at Schouwburg IJmuiden, 2016

  6 (5) One Day (Reckoning Song), Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut RMX), 2012

  5 (-) Anaani. Cari Cari, 2018

  4 (2) Gé Hofenk, 2012

  3 (3) 67 Songs from the 60s. A discussion, 2018

  2 (4) Risha. David Eugene Edwards & Alexander Hacke, 2018

  1 (1) Remedies (2). Soup, 2017

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