dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

One day (Reckoning song), Wankelmut remix (2). Asaf Avidan

Almost two years ago I published a post on this strange song, with that utterly weird voice, that had become a number one hit in the Netherlands that fall. A story about the mystery of the voice, the video, the girl in the video and finally Asaf Avidan himself.  (Click here for the review/story: (http://wonomagazine.blogspot.nl/2012/11/one-day-reckoning-song-wankelmut-remix.html)

Why I mention this today? Well, because on 6 October 2014, 22 and a half month after publication, this post became the best read post ever on this blog. Slowly but surely it gained on all others and surpassed Carice van Houten today. Ever since publication One day was in the top 10 of the month gathering hits one or two a day.

It doesn't show on the list Google presents on this blog though. Views mysteriously disappear over time, sometimes even on the same day. Why? Not a clue. It (also?) has to do with the speed with which a post is read out there. The faster, the better the total holds. One day stands only in third place (usually fourth, as views keep disappearing after a while) in the Google list, but believe me, behind the scenes it became the number 1 ever today.

It is not as some others that all of a sudden get a mysterious explosion. 170 hits for one post in a second from one country in a warzone. Google knows what is behind such a mystery or a song that keeps getting hits from Russia, Unkraine, Moldavia or Romania. Cyber crime countries. Can they hack a post and add something these people need or something? I don't know, but sometimes I seriously wonder whether I am unconsciously aiding criminals or paedophiles or whatever. All I can think is 'this is strange' and sometimes even report odd behaviour to Google. The same five posts that keep getting hits from the Ukraine at the same time for days on end? Explain please?

Not so with One day. People genuinely seem to think that my story holds the answers to the voice, to who the girl is, etc. Not so unfortunately, but One day remains a strong song. Weird but exceptional, a song someone does not easily forget, whether you like it or not. The likes of a true hit. Let's celebrate that here.


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