vrijdag 15 november 2019

Bloom Innocent. Fink

Time flies when you're having fun or in the case of this blogger, listening to new music. Fink's two previous albums are already over two years old. The blues based album and 'Resurgam' both were received favourably on these pages and now there's Bloom Innocent.

Just recently I wrote about Nick Cave's latest album and how Cave seems to be drawn into his own musical black hole, to disappear into his own music. Fink has never been the outgoing type in his music, but the analogy with Nick Cave's 'Ghosteen' is not so far behind the mark.

Bloom Innocent is Fink's 9th album since 2000. At 47 he has become a seasoned artist, who knows his ropes. It shows on Bloom Innocent. In a way it is an album that shows routine. What I hear is familiar and welcome. As a whole it seems like a blanket lies over the album, the atmosphere is so subdued, muffled, like sounds in the snow or fog. An instrument can creep up to me, only to disappear again, at best a shadow in that mist.

Another impression that keeps getting back to me is that song from the U.K. triphop band Massive Attack, 'Teardrop'. Bloom Innocent presents fragmentary music. A song can "explode" because the drums kick in full force, the other instruments and sounds/samples remain fragmented, something that makes 'We Watch The Stars' such an exciting song. A million little things happen in between the returning notes and chords.

It is in these activities on the album where Fink leaves the 'Ghosteen' analogy. For that there is too much going on, notwithstanding the fact that Bloom Innocent is a withdrawn album. Part of the attraction is the variation in instruments, a banjo in 'Once You Get A Taste' and the pretty aahhs in the same song. Those moments where the blanket is taken away to reveal the beauty underneath in its full glory. When I'm in the right mood, like I am right now, the beauty of this song is a bright shining light, moving me deeply. 'Once You Get A Taste' has this extremely lazy beat, with a recurring dirty Jimi Hendrix mixed with Mark Knopfler like guitar lick at the end.

It is easy to overlook Bloom Innocent. Superficially it may seem not a lot is going on, a conclusion selling the album short. Bloom Innocent is an album to spend time alone with. Only then it will open itself to you fully. This is not a rare thing for Fink albums, like e.g. 'Resurgam', but this one has this dark streak and the blanket at times. These are details in need of conquering. Whether you are able to do so, dear reader, is solely up to your taste and mood. Bloom Innocent is not an easy album. Still I found it worth my while to invest in. Several beautiful moments have revealed themselves to me, moments I would never have noticed if I had only played the album in the background. Perhaps a hint would have presented itself, never the full glory. So happy listening.


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