donderdag 18 april 2019

Change Of Pace. Andy Frasco & The U.N.

This February one of the most eclectic albums of the past years was released. So eclectic that in the end I lost my way somewhat with the record. Not since Blind Willie's 'Everyday Is Judgement Day' have I heard an album where a band so enthusiastically jumps up and down all sorts of (sub-)genres. Andy Frasco & the U.N. do just that. The Jewish element of Blind Willie is missing in this music but for the rest everything seems to go.

Just listen to the gospel style of the title song that opens the album. A serious beginning before the song explodes in a full sound to return to the seriousness, only to move once again into a full out ending with exalted singing and all.

That mix of sternness and joy comes through perfectly in the cover of the album. The leather tomes of the encyclopedias mixed with the guitars. Listening to the jazzy intro of the second song 'Don't Let It Fool Ya' I can only wonder what will happen next. Again a full blown chorus follows, filled with horns and a warm organ. This is the joy of music. No, it is not the best I've ever heard in this genre, but the enthusiasm easily wins me over to continue into the record.

Believe me Andy Frasco & the U.N. will keep surprising you after you decided to follow the band further into the record. I personally have to be in the mood to do so. Once I am there's nothing left to complain about.


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