zondag 3 januari 2016

WoNo Magazine's best read articles ever (2015)

These are the posts that were clicked on most (and hopefully read as well) through the years of this blog, that is now closing in on four years. There are some new entries. Even of an album that did (only just) not make into the best read posts of the year 2014 list, but was clicked on a lot in the first half of 2015. So much so that it made it into this list.

Also an unknown someone linked the Gé Hofenk article, that charming account of Harm on the record store of his youth in the early 1960s in Leiden, to his or her Facebook account in December 2015, leading to a lot of clicks. The result? A firm place on third spot.

So if you read something you like on this blog, feel free to like it, link it up, retweet it, post it, etc., all you like. As long as you keep a link to this blog in tact, we're fine with it. We just like to get read.

The number 1 is so firmly there that I doubt if it will ever be replaced. Still, also that post did not make it to the list of best read posts of 2012. A slow but steady climb to the top followed. It is only this year that views mostly have seemed to stop.

These are your top 10 all time favourites.

10 (8). Rivers & Coastlines: The Ride. TMGS


9 (7). Girlyman and Glossy Jesus live in Q-Bus, Leiden


8 (-). Endless Love. Sivert Høyem


6 (6). The Kyteman Orchestra


6 (-). The Double EP. A Sea Of Split Peas. Courtney Barnett


5 (5). The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. Nada Surf


4 (3). Larry and his Flask live, Q-Bus, Leiden


3 (4). Gé Hofenk


2 (2). See You On The Ice. Carice van Houten


1 (1). One Day. (Reckoning Song), Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut RMX)


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