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A band in need. Girlyman could use a helping $

In May I was invited to show in the Q-Bus in Leiden by a band
called Girlyman. The treat I was in for almost went beyond description
in many ways as my blogpost is a record to. (Click here.) The post has
become the best read article on our blog, testifying to the popularity
of Girlyman. At the end of June I received an e-mail from Girlyman
about the negative results of their recent UK and NL tour for their
financial affairs.
Everyone knows that cds are being copied on the Internet and it
doesn't seem like that is to be altered in any way soon. If however
bands can't tour any more either with a positive result, then the end
of recording and playing music as we know it is pretty near for most
bands and artists.
So readers of WoNoBloG. Here's a call to arms for a band who can sing
so well it may just bring tears to your eyes. Please retweet, send
support and buy their albums. Click here for information on buying
Girlyman's albums. Below you find the message from the members of
Girlyman. Here's your chance to become a fan.
You can listen to 'Supernova' here. 

Foto Wo.
Foto Wo.
Hello friends old and new,

We were so glad to tour the UK and Netherlands this year, to meet some of you and really connect through music. There were many of you who told us you had become die-hard Girlyfans after seeing us play for the first time! It was a magical thing to experience a total newcomer be so moved by our music and want to spread the word. So, thank you all for your love and support. We couldn't have done it without you!

We realize that this might be a bit of an overwhelming email to receive when most of you simply signed our mailing list because you thought we sounded pleasant and you got a free sticker. However, there were some of you who sincerely asked if there was any way you could help. Asking for help is always humbling, and often feels like a leap of faith. Usually we reach for help as a very last resort. But to be completely honest, this tour hit us incredibly hard financially. Some shows fell through at the last minute and due to the economic climate we were only able to get small guaranteed fees or just a percentage of the ticket sales. As some of you may have noticed, there were significantly fewer people at all our shows on this tour than there were last time we came overseas. This was something we hadn't anticipated since our last UK tour in 2010 had been so successful. In short, we didn't even come close to breaking even, meaning that after nearly a month of almost daily shows, radio appearances, and interviews, we left Europe facing massive debt, and now can't even pay ourselves.

We truly gave everything we could at our performances, and we hope that you felt it. But coming home to such a stark financial reality has been extremely demoralizing.

As humbling as it is, we've decided to reach out and ask if you'd like to help. Our hope is that those of you who expressed an interest in helping would be happy to have the opportunity to do so. The truth is, we're having trouble recovering from the losses of this tour on our own.

The honest truth:

Our total gross income was $14,303 (this includes what we made at the door + merchandise sales.)

Our total expenses were $26,275 (this includes airfare, van rental, diesel, accommodations, fees for our sound engineer and tour manager, booking agent fees, UK work-permit fees, flyer printing and postage charges, our salaries, Eurotunnel fares, and CD shipping charges.)

That means the amount we're trying to make up is about $12,000 USD.

We'll gladly accept and appreciate donations of *any* size, even if you only have 10 dollars, pounds, or Euros to give - although larger donations are certainly more than welcome. We know in hindsight that coming over during such dire economic times and high fuel costs was probably not the best idea, but we really felt strongly about returning as soon as we could. We would like to keep coming back in the future, it's just that this tour was particularly difficult.

Below is a link to a donation page on our website, through Paypal. If you would like to donate via other means (wire transfer, courier, candygram, etc.), please write to

Thank you for your support, whether you are a brand new fan or have been a Girlyfan for years. We thank you and love you and appreciate each and every one of you.

JJ, Doris, Nate, and Ty

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