donderdag 12 juli 2012

Dutch/Belgian week on WoNoBloG: I start to believe you. Lola Kite

You can listen to 'Road to nowhere' here.

It took me a while to get used to the second album of Dutch band Lola Kite. Loads of 80ties synths in there, like Yazoo, with a less prominent voice. I got around that though. Lola Kite is around since 2007, but released their first album, 'Lights' in 2011. So I have to conclude that the band has a lot to say, with a new album within one and a half year. I start to believe you is filled with somewhat moody, synthpop songs that give the impression that life is not as joyful as the description of their first album on Wikipedia suggest: "songs joyful to whistle along with carnival pop". As far as I'm concerned there's not much of that around any more.

The second thing I noticed is that there are no drums on the album. All drum-like sounds escape from the digital environment, push and play. Minus points as far as I'm concerned. Nothing like a good drummer. Setting this apart, there are also a lot of synth soundscapes that are programmable taking away from a band feeling. Ultravox, Tubeway Army/Gary Numan, The Human League and likes of Thomas Dolby, John Foxx and Howard Jones come to mind.

The mix improves when guitars come on board and human percussion sounds appear in the mix, although synths dominate the album. Listening to the album on the train or while shopping, it started to grow on me, more as a general mood I noticed than through the individual songs. Unlike recently on Django Django's début album, I start to believe you does not hold many memorable songs. "Road to nowhere' comes closest because of the guitar riff (and being up tempo). The singing of Keez Groenteman is not overly expressive, there are no inventive choruses sung by the band and there isn't a lot of variation in the melody. Not much to sing or whistle along to.

If I'm honest, now that I'm listening to the album song by song attentively, I can't remember why I wanted to do a review of I start to believe you. With 'Island smyland' being a terrible low. So here I'm facing a dilemma. What do I think of this album? This morning (cycling to and) on the train (and before in similar moments) it seemed fine. Perhaps because it allows me to concentrate on other things? Now sitting behind my pc after a long day's work, it's boring the you know what out of me. Tell you what. I'm going to leave it at this. Fans of all the bands and singers mentioned above and those that like the lighter version of 8oties synth music, I'll even toss in Jon & Vangelis here as well ('Someone OK'), know what to expect and can add a band to their collection.When I change my mind, e.g. because I listen to the album in a different mood, I'll add to this review. Sorry Lola Kite, but for now I've stopped believing.


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