woensdag 29 april 2020

Going Home. Tiny Fighter

Wow, looking at sleeve of Going Home I get the impression all hell has broken loose outside of the window and the lady in the picture is one second before realising it. Her face's impression on the verge of change.

Tiny Fighter returns to these pages after debuting with it's EP 'Tell Me' just under a year ago. Again the duo strikes me with its mix of pop and something more alternative. Let's say Roxette at its alternative best and then an extra indie layer on top.

Tiny Fighter is not afraid of letting some pop into its music. Sweden always had strong pop bands in the past 50 years. Those influences are one part of Tiny Fighter's background. The other one is loud guitars, tight drums and a pumping base. The voice of Therese Karlsson is somewhere in between the rough and soft. She has an extremely pleasant edge to her voice making her sound tough when needed and distinctly female in the ballads.

Together with Australian Tim Spelman she is Tiny Fighter. A Swedish truckdriver meets an Australian doctor in Stockholm and they decide to start a band. Why not? The result certainly is a band that deserves to be noticed. From the delicate 'Perfect Game', a ballad with just a piano showing the soft side of the band, the uncertain, hesitant side, to the guitar driven ballad 'Rollercoaster', the example of restraint, the band is interesting. Its influences are not hard to pick out. Just listen to little guitar parts, even specific licks that can be brought back to other songs without problem.

Promo photo: Marcos Engman
Going Home is in line with 'Soap Bubble Dreams' by Para Lia from Germany. It could well be possible that this album is part of a new European alternative pop-rock movement that is not afraid to tap into 80s rock like Simple Minds and U2 and as said Roxette and align it with pop (vocal) melodies of the past 15 years. The combination simply works as Going Home is a pleasant album to listen to.

The strength of Going Home could be that it manages to speak to many different pop lovers. It holds traces of different times and genres while managing to combine them in a successful way. This results in a diverse and colourful album including pleasant songs that hold it all.


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