donderdag 3 maart 2016

Wonderlands. Lady Dandelion

Extravagant, the photo on the cover of this EP is. A dandelion is of course a flower, but also one of the very best b-sides of The Rolling Stones from 1967. We are 49 years down the line and what does Lady Dandelion bring us?

A little wonder of musical styles. Wonderlands starts with an instrumental called 'Hydrangea', another flower. The track is based on soft beats and carpets of synth sounds. Nothing much disturbing, like flowers in the breeze. At the same time there is an electric guitar, a piano. I have to admit that I like the track, although it obviously is not my kind of music. Not second, nor third choice, but here? No worries at all.

Lady Dandelion is a duo. Singer Kirsten Berkx and violist/producer Simon van Gorkom, who is also involved in the Kyteman Orchestra. They collaborate since 2013. At the end of February Lady Dandelion released its first EP. If I have to call it anything it would be triphop, with the difference that Berkx' voice gives the music more of a poppy feel. Where Beth Gibbons causes overcast moods straight away, Kirsten Berkx shows the silver linings and more. Another name, two actually, are the half sisters Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon that I'm reminded of. 'Lonesome Boy' is the most direct link to triphop I'd say. Relaxed, subdued, but with that voice. I'm caught here.

Let's focus on Lady Dandelion again. I love listening to 'Moonset'. The mellow mood and her lazy singing do the song justice. When the mood changes at the end of the song it gets a great ending. Not original, but great none the same.

This is music that I have to be in the mood for, but right her and now I'm enjoying 4 out of 5 with the fifth, 'Porcelain', being more than just alright. Lady Dandelion shows that it is able to produce different moods and songs. More organic in the ballad 'Silk', where Van Gorkom's violin comes in with a piano. We could call 'Silk' a jazzy ballad. Why not? Together the duo touch upon a high level of making music, without overdoing anything.

Where do all these Dutch female singers come from all of a sudden? Elenne May, Femme Vanille, Bird On A Wire and now Lady Dandelion? That is a lot of ladies recently on this blog and all with very nice albums or EPs, no matter how different. With Wonderlands, an aptly titled EP, Lady Dandelion starts her career with a set of songs that just beg for more in the future.


You can listen to 'Lonesome Boy' here:

or buy Wonderlands on Lady Dandelion's website

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