donderdag 24 december 2020

Bowie for Dummies #24

Again there are items added to that giant archive of clips, news items, cover versions, etc., etc., on David Bowie to be found somewhere on the World Wide Web. They are collated in an overview on this blog by Tineke, who by the way also created the logo of this blog, we so proudly sport.

Today we present the link to the 24th edition since 8 January 2017, and, we can add, one of most popular posts on this blog. When we started this post we had no idea it would be so popular nor that it would keep expanding as it does.

Thank you Tineke for your dedication. Here's the link to the adapted original post, so you, dear reader, can emerge in all things Bowie:



We've added some Bowie to our Spotify playlist as well:

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