maandag 10 juni 2019

The Fool. Jane Willow

Today we share three post with you. From the U.K. we cross the Irish Sea to Dublin for our second one. A single this time.

Following Jane Willow's EP reviewed earlier this year, she returns with a superb single that I would like to give some attention to. The Fool holds all that is a pleasure for the ear to behold.

In the song Jane Willow combines elements of traditional Irish folk and U.S. country & western with a perfect pop feel. In the music this upbeat pop feel is intertwined with a deep sadness and realisation that life is not bringing what she had hoped for. "The fool standing in front of the door", knowing that returning is not the right thing to do any longer. Things go by and it is time to move on no matter how hard that is and the pain coming with it.

All this is packed with a beautiful melody, spurred on by an oh so subtle mandolin and warmed by a Hammond that stokes up the fire in the background. I already liked the songs on the EP, but this is my favourite Jane Willow song to date. Apparently the song is getting airplay in Ireland already and quite rightly so. Who makes sure that this singer-songwriter with Breda roots will get the same treatment in this country?


You can buy The Fool here:

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