dinsdag 5 maart 2019

Proto Retro. Dot Dash

Proto Retro is the correct name for this album by Dot Dash. Not a note sounds modern, in fact it is 100% 90s indie rock with a great feel for pop melodies that comes by on the album. The kind of infectuous melodies that make me reach for the repeat button time and again after playing the album once. Inevitably.

Dot Dash is a band from Washington D.C. with Terry Banks (voice/guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass) and Danny Ingram (drums). Together they are able to find every melody within melodies that make songs sparkle coupled to the kind of foundation that makes them so tight. Dot Dash is a pop miracle. And to think there are five albums out already for me to discover.

Would I ever have heard of this band if they had not reached out themselves? No, more than likely not. There was an email in my inbox asking me to listen. The song received made me crave for more and they all delivered. In one way there is no need to pick out one song in particular. They all shine bright like the biggest stars on a cloudless night. Each and every song reminds me of Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Teenage Fanclub, etc. Bands that joined pop with alternative rock and even some punk. Bands in search of the perfect melody, so from Big Star I can only wind up at The Beatles, the godfathers of everything perfect in pop and rock music. Of course there's more. The jangly guitar of R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, thus The Byrds' Jim (Roger) McGuinn and so much more for those who care to listen, like e.g. late 70s powerpop of The Knack and The Romantics. In The Netherlands Palio Superspeed Donkey certainly is a reference.

Dot Dash is far more one dimensional than The Beatles ever were. So do not expect a 'Yellow Submarine' or 'Michelle' here. And I do not mind that part. Dot Dash is about guitars and a tight environment that make guitars shine, while over all the noise beautiful melodies are sung.

Coincidence has it that every time in the past months I went to the gym I saw a building being demolished, step by step. It took six, seven months before it got to the stage depicted here on the cover art. From that moment on it went fast. Now there's just a pile of rubble and a cellar full of water left.

Dot Dash is not in fear of being demolished if the threesome enjoy playing and creating this music as much as I love listening to it. There is one obscure album from the mid 90s, 'Whirligig' by The Caulfields I would finally like to reference. I love the first seven songs of that album. Proto Retro surpasses this favourite of the era easily. Right up to the last song I'm all ears here. There's is so much fun jumping out of the album. Including the witty lyrics about sweaters, not jumpers or singing cherubs.

For two days in a row I am able to present you guitar rock pop records that have been around for months or in the case of The Beths' 'Warm Blood' for over two years. Records that I ran across, not by accident as it was well intentioned for me to do so, without any prior knowledge of their existence and not a single hint at the quality. Both are among the best I have heard there where a few guitar based genres blend. Proto Retro and 'Warm Blood' folks. Go for it!


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  1. Response from @DotDashDC on Twitter: "Wow. Humbled by the kind words from @WoNoMagazine - thanx!". You're welcome.

  2. @WallyTBM on Twitter: "Thanks for the great review! Dot Dash are a real rare treasure & we are honored to be associated with them."