donderdag 28 maart 2019

Deutschland. Rammstein

Wow, make up your own mind on what the video is trying to say. A history of Germany of some sorts it is.

Ten years after 'Liebe Ist Für Alle Da", finally, finally a new song by Rammstein. Deutschland in combination with the video is mindblowing and that is exactly the effect German industrial-metal-shockrockers Rammstein must have been looking for. Were Back, in capitols and giant lettering. This song holds all things Rammstein is good at and why I like the band. So it sounds familiar, perhaps even a little too familiar. The video takes all that away. The combination, like I already wrote, is mindblowing. The music does the rest.

Whatever people say, this is a fantastic video, superbly made and not a single cent left out of the budget. Nothing has been left to chance. This is 'Thriller', 'Blue Jean', material. A movie around a song. A confusing movie, a perturbing movie, a great movie. Yes, all, it is Rammstein. Larger than life, larger than anything. What else do you expect?

Here you go:

The album called Rammstein follows on 17 May. I can't wait.


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