vrijdag 22 juni 2018

Up In Smoke. Town of Saints

A new single from Dutch band Town of Saints providing us with a soundbite from a new album to be released later in the year. I tend not to write about singles, but there are notable exceptions and Up In Smoke is one. The song is so upbeat, while telling a story about things not so upbeat.

The music is even more exuberant than I remember Town of Saints to be. That has everything to do with a very prominent violin/fiddle setting the tone and pace of the song. The Decemberists and The Oh Hellos at their most eclectic is what Up In Smoke gives us. In that regard the band shed a little owness, uniqueness and traded it for a most endearing sound. There's everything to like here. I haven't heard a single ooh or aahh, yet everything around Up In Smoke spells the sort of music the world has been leaving behind for a few years now. The violin does everything the vocal oohs and aahs did for other bands a few years back in this decade.

So, is Up In Smoke, too late, the proverbial mustard after the meal? No, for that it is too much fun, too eclectic, but above all far too good. There is a full band at work, i.e. bass and drums, otherwise this could be a The Hackensaw Boys song. Harmen even sounds like Ferd Moyse IV in seceral passages. The harmonies between Harmen and Heta come straight out of the Butler - Chassagne songbook.

Yes, that are lot of comparisons, but they only make sense if Up In Smoke is a good song all by itself and that it is. A little ball of energy tossed into the world for all of us to charge ourselves with. Quite the present at the start of the summer of 2018. What sets this song apart is when the tempo changes in the short interludes, making it more exciting as every single time a new energy outburst is bound to follow. A little unique element that makes the song even better. Also compared to many of the comparisons mentioned here. Up In Smoke is a hit. Get it on the radio and success ought to play out itself.


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