zondag 13 mei 2018

Go Bad With You. The LVE

Not so long ago I told myself I would not do a review on a single song anymore. There is so much to write about already. And then The LVE sent me an e-mail announcing its new single.....

The LVE entered these pages with a single. 'Love, When You Don't Want It' was and is one of the most beautiful songs of this decade. For some reason the song went straight to my heart and stuck there. Most likely for ever.

In the past year The LVE filled the time between albums with covers from other bands. That time is behind us. Back to the real thing.

Go Bad With You is a new beginning in a few ways. The first single of a new release cycle for the Antwerp based band, the first release through a new label, Gentleman Records and the start of shows played in somewhat larger venues and festivals. Even if only as the very last band mentioned on the poster, the spot is secured.

Would I be writing here if I did not like the song? Of course not! Go Bad With You is a song to be held close immediately. A song to cherish. Gerrit Van Dyck and Sara Raes sing together beautifully again. The arrangement behind the song fits the mood of the lyrics. "When things go bad, I'll go bad with you". A song about support for a person who gets into a bad and dark place. A song where melancholy, sadness and optimism somehow come together and manages to be uplifting. The world is already a better place from just listening to this song.

Now I have had the pleasure to hear two other songs already as well. What I notice is the enormous jump the band has made in several ways. Go Bad With You is a great example of that jump. The song is slightly more electronic, certainly more stylish, with hints of soul combined with pop and modern dance. In the singing there is a mix between dreams and urgency, something the music reflects, certainly in the instrumental parts. It all lands on exactly the right places it seems.

Go Bad With You is the ideal teaser for what is to come next. Two EPs await release. The first one before the summer. Just wait until you can hear 'Sad Song' for the first time! Oh, what heavenly pleasures awaits you and the world.


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  1. There are compliments and there are compliments: "<3 This Review of our new single ... Wow. Thank you @WoNoMagazine for the nice words. And for taking the time to listen to and write about music. This Magazine is not about hypes and quick nuggets - this magazine is about music, love for music, taking the time. Loving It!" Thank you, @itsthelve