zondag 31 december 2017

WoNoBlog's top 10 best read posts of 2017

This post is all about you, dear reader. What were your favourite posts of 2017? Let's find out, but first attention to one post that would have been in this list, had it been newly posted to in 2017. Again someone put Harm's fun post on the record store of his youth, Gé Hofenk, in Leiden, on his or her Facebook page. This led to somewhere between a 1000 and 900 views in the winter of 2017 and temporarily to the #1 spot all over, were it not for a post in the late summer of 2017 that overtook all that went before and kept running forward ever since.

This could have been fun, but alas. Einfach Kurt ended on the 11th spot of best read articles two years in a row and posted on its position in the endlist on its Facebook page. That led to a burst of views just after the new year. Had it counted it would have ended on ... It would have been nice to write #11, but it didn't. Close though.

So what were your favourite posts. Let's count down:

10. Live At The Love Song. Spain


9. John Lee Hooker's World. Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo


8. Burn Something Beautiful. Alejandro Escovedo


7. Moon Moon Moon. Help! Help! release party, 6 April 2017


6. 4. The Desoto Circus


5. When On Fire. Christine Owman


4. Feels Like Going Home. The Box Set. The Walkabouts


3. Down Hearted Blues. Eilen Jewell


2. Bowie For Dummies by Tineke G.


1. Remedies. Soup (2)


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