donderdag 9 november 2017

Heiress. Novo Amor & Ed Tullett

This spring I reviewed an EP by Novo Amor on this blog, 'Bathing Beach'. A bit edgy because of the high voice of Ali John Meredith-Lacey, but the EP as a whole was a pleasurable experience to listen to (read on here:

Just over five months down the year there is a full album by Novo Amor with Ed Tullett. Tullett is a singer-songwriter from Oxford in the U.K. who has released two albums so far. Novo Amor and Tullett have cooperated before and now release their first full length record. Having only heard four songs by Novo Amor and none by Tullett it is hard for me to conclude whether the two are more than the parts of their sum. What I do know is that Heiress is an album worthwhile listening to.

Hearing the high voice of Meredith-Lacey dominating the first songs it comes as a surprise to hear 'Cavalry' explode in a Dotan kind of way. Lots of percussion are infused into the empty, vocal song. The silent parts of the song works with atmosphere. Lots of it. The songs are not so much non-songs as songs where the duo doesn't let anything into a song that it doesn't need. Hence the huge effect 'Cavalry' makes on me.

An acoustic guitar is the foundation of Heiress. From there sound effects come in, like the eerie guitar sounds in 'Amateur Blood'. Or a strong drums that do not so much produce a tight rhythm as a combination of fills and accents. The guitar effect, probably the combination of a volume pedal and a delay and/or an e-bow, in combination with Meredith-Lacey's high voice gives most of the songs a desolate atmosphere. Vocally the likes of Bon Iver, City and Colour or Ásgeir come to mind. The combination with the music works really well here. Far better than 'Bathing Beaches' Heiress is. The album contains so much more depth. Tullett's voice is far darker, so the effect is immediate when he joins in, like in 'Pteryla'.

I find that listening to Heiress with the headset on is an experience. The music really grabs me. It is easy to succumb to this music. The world of Novo Amor and Ed Tullett is created around me. Making me a private bubble to peruse in for a short while. Closing my eyes allows me to fully undergo this world of soft voiced singing, intricate playing and strong effects. Multi-layered and forceful in all its timidity Heiress is. A true gem of a record.


You can listen to 'Cavalry' here:

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