donderdag 2 juni 2016

Space Age Voyeurism. Double Veterans

Space Age Voyeurism is an album that does not need a lot of words and for once I'm not going to use that many. Double Veterans (Lee, Thomas and Niels from Belgium) rocks away in an overly familiar 60s way with a light psychedelic flavour added to the sound. Every one who likes the 'Nuggets' compilation albums will know what I'm talking about. Despite their age the threesome reproduce the music their (grand)fathers may have liked when young. The wild side of 60s rock, called garage rock.

In other words: pounding drums, a hard driving bass and blaring guitars and a harmonica. Add to that snotty singing and some wild harmonies and the picture is complete: the punk element is added. Double Veterans even manages to vary on the chord progression of 'Wild Thing' in a successful and convincing way.

Promo photo
Do you need to know more? No, I don't think so. Either you are attracted by now or not. In short there's nothing new or original to be found on Space Age Voyeurism, but the offer is extremely infectious if you're vulnerable to this sort of excitement.


You can listen to 'Coctails' here:

or buy the album here:

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