zaterdag 2 januari 2016

Wo.'s 2015 Top 10 live shows

Counting them all I got to a total of 46 gigs I was present at, excluding the live music I coincidentally encountered in bars, restaurants, on streets, etc. and amateur bands. Some at festivals, some as support act and others as main act. I also set a record. I saw the same band three times in the course of just over a week, The Hackensaw Boys, my old pals from Virginia played at two festivals I attended and played a Paradiso show. Shows that surprised me, shows that made a huge impression and a few that were just alright. Not a single act disappointed. For some because there were no preconceptions, usually an unknown support gig.

And, there was this show that turned out to be legendary. The final show of Armand and The Kik in Paradiso, the show that fell out of the top 10 due to De Kift. Just like the album, that is only just not good enough to make it into my top 10 of albums for 2015, this was a fun, good time, show with some very serious topics in the lyrics. Armand is a true hero forever, The Kik a great band.

Here are my favourites of 2015.

10. Palio Superspeed Donkey. Rotown, Rotterdam
Youthful exuberance in abundance and the songs to match. A band to watch.

9. Guy Forsyth. Q-Bus, Leiden
The final show in Q-Bus, Leiden and a great one. Guy Forsyth just blew it all apart and then some more. Giving it your all they call it.

8. Royal Parks/The Maureens. Q-Bus Leiden/Ekko Utrecht
Two shows I saw this combination play this year. In the first one Diederik Nomden was so impressive and The Maureens were struggling to get their music together again.

In Utrecht Royal Parks was great, but The Maureens were flawless and presented its new album with zest and great enthusiasm.

7. De Kift. Paradijskerk, Rotterdam
De Kift in church, a fitting combination. What a beautiful show by a great band, that touches me each time.

6. All Comes Down. Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden
Support show for a Belgian band that I've nearly forgotten. This Dutch band played a great support slot and presented an EP in late summer to boot. Another band to watch.

5. DeWolff. Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden
DeWolff played a great show last winter. The songs of the latest album work great live. The combination between songs and jams well divided to make it all exciting.

4. The Hackensaw Boys. Paradiso, Amsterdam
Three shows in something like 9 days. The final one in Amsterdam was fantastic. Boys and audience were one. Great party, great show, great band.

3. Alt-J. Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam
My first show in this arena. Alt-J made it all come true on stage. Beautiful show in many ways.

2. The Small Glories. De Oude School, Warmond
Another act that I had never heard of and simply blew my mind with its strenght, power, harmonies and playing. A duo that can cook up a (vocal) storm and never crosses the line towards overkill.

1. Sophie Hunger. Patronaat/Haarlem and Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht
Sophie Hunger and a number 1 spot. Something must be going on here. It is, she is simply great. I saw two shows this year. Haarlem is my favourite but Utrecht is only slightly behind. So here they both are. Haarlem first.

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