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Nightmares and Daydreams. MJT

A mini album by a band that could be members of 'the sons of the black rock coalition', together with their contemporaries The Radkeys. Where Living Colour and Fishbone had to fight for their right to rock, no one seems to care in 2016. Or at least, I don't. But then, I didn't in 1989 either, being a Hendrix fan since the 70s. Music has nothing to do with whatever, it has to do with whether I like it or not.

Nightmares And Daydreams fell into my email account a while back and at first listen I instantly liked it. Not that I was convinced for 100% straightaway, but I certainly heard the fun, the drive, the songs and the potential of MJT. Those facts drew me back to the band regularly and in the end convinced me that I need to start typing.

Up front. Don't expect an original album. For that MJT echoes some of its heroes too much. The already mentioned Living Colour, grunge, classic hardrock, it's all there on Nightmares And Daydreams. The good news is that MJT doesn't let itself be caught in one corner. By adding some sympho accents the mini album changes tone and I'm transported back to the time that Bill Bruford played the drums in UK. In other words, yes, there are hints at the jazz rock from the late 70s a well in this music, without going that way predominantly. The focus is on rock.

MJT is a band from Central Islip, NY. There is another comparison with the Radke brothers of Radkey. MJT are also brothers. Matthew on keyboards, David sings and plays guitar and other instruments. Jo Jo Godfrey on drums. Aged between 21 and 15 the band with Nightmares And Daydreams have released its second EP, after releasing Hour Glass before.

MJT promo photo

The potential of MJT shows through in the way the mini album develops itself. From more standard rock and grunge, far wilder elements are infused into the rock, giving the music a dreamy quality that is irresistible. 'Best Of Our Days' knows ever better harmonies and despite the fact that a band like Pearl Jam comes close here, the organ makes the song a true original. The floating chorus is a delight. Age is no issue if something is good and 'Best Of Our Days' is just that, with a promise of better that is.

If someone would tell me after reading this, 'but this band still has a lot to learn", I would certainly agree, but in answer I'd also point out to where they are already. Nightmares And Daydreams holds some nice melodies, fun harmonies and some great solos on guitar and organ. The drumming in the background is potent and at 15 Jo Jo can only grow. In short MJT is a band to watch.


You can listen to and buy Nightmares And Dreams on the Bandcamp site of MJT

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