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Gregory Page live in De Oude School, Warmond. 27-01-2016

Gregory Page in "duet". Photo: Wo.
For years Hans had been pushing me: "You have to come and see this guy play". From the in (video)store gig with, legend has it 14 paying viewers, to a packed De Oude School. Gregory Page may play much larger venues in NL since that legendary gig, he keeps coming back to Hans van Polanen for a show. Finally I have come around to be present.

Now Gregory Page plays or in a way recreates music from an era long gone. At home it is something I have tried to listen to, but miserably failed at. It is just not my kind of music. Live though this is very different I have found out. Gregory Page is a charming man, tells some nice stories and has a few "faces".

There is the Gregory Page who writes songs in a, let me call it 1930s, vain. The kind of jazzy entertainment songs as I heard in old black and white movies which were shown on tv when I was young. Accompanying himself on guitar in quite a nice way he strums his songs forward with melancholy but smart lyrics about love and loss not seldom with a smart observation along the way. The only thing missing is the hiss and scratches of an old 78 RPM record.

Then there is the Gregory Page who brings old songs back alive. Duetting with a female singer of old in 'Georgia On My Mind' as if she's standing next to him. Looking at it from a, cold, distance it's nothing but karaoke, live in the room it's done with a nice story about a neighbour complaining in the middle of the night, a story about the singer and with so much charm, Fedora added, it almost becomes real. Or the story about the English lady playing and writing songs in the evening, recorded by her husband. Whatever the finding and the story behind this "treasure trove", the song was rather disturbing where long-lasting relationships are concerned, funny, witty, but sad. "We turned out to be you and me".

Photo: Wo.
Finally there is the Gregory Page the singer-songwriter. Although this is in a 1970s style, it does sound more modern and could be songs that The Eagles recorded at the time and others of the times. This guy can write great singer-songwriter songs.

In a way it seemed to as me I was taken by my grandparents to a show that they could have went to in the 1920s or 30s. Music in a time capsule. In my mind's eye I could see them sitting in the room at an age that I only know from old, fading photographs. Much younger than I am now. I had a great time, but I still doubt whether I will play Mr. Page's music at home a lot. That does not matter. Gregory Page is a great entertainer and deserves an ever growing audience. What a way to find out how much fun these "old" songs are. On a windswept, rainy evening in Warmond, Gregory Page provided the warmth of a coal-warmed room, no matter how cold the rest of the house is.


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