woensdag 11 november 2015

The Small Glories. The Small Glories

Not long ago folk duo The Small Glories featured on this blog when reporting on a live show in the town of Warmond. The EP that was recorded to sell on the tour was bought and now duly reported on.

Also not long ago another duo (as it happens also from Canada) featured on this blog, Hymalayan. One of the distinctive features of that 3 song EP was that the two singers had the Slick-Balin factor. I hereby officially announce that Cara Luft and JD Edwardss also have that factor. In abundance. The way they sing together would have blended in into the first two incarnations of Jefferson Airplane without any problem. In that period the band still showed its coffee house folk origins in its rock. The same adventurous all out singing can be found on the 6 song mini album The Small Glories have released ahead of its official debut album that is slated for February 2016.

The U.S. folk is not the only distinctive feature. The Small Glories know their U.K. circa 1968 folk also. That much more traditional way of of playing and singing that seemed to go back right into the time of Elizabeth I and before when Robin Hood and Fryer John chanted together in Nottingham Forest. Anyone who listens to 'Long Long Moon' knows that Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span are just around the corner.

Next to all these influences The Small Glories has its own voice as well. 'True Story' is as authentic as a song can come. The slow banjo playing embellishing the tightly strummed acoustic guitars. In the end all the music is just an excuse to truly and deeply sing. Luft and Edwards' voices blend in perfect ways. Here I could just copy paste my review of October. Listening to this duo sing is a profound experience. The raw and somewhat nasal voice of Edwards mixes with the angelic voice of Luft, who is not afraid of giving it her all. She has the kind of voice that can give (a lot) extras where I expected her to have reached the outer limits of her reach and/or power. The extras flow easily from her mouth giving the songs an incredible extra depth, that is totally unexpected.

Tour de force is again 'Black Waterside' with its fantastic guitar playing by Cara Luft. Jimmy Page has met his folk match. The playing is intricate and forceful. A folk riff to kill for. In music like this there is no need for a band. The two voices and the things with strings (a harmonica is the exception) are enough to tell it all.

The Small Glories may be a teaser, put together to have something out during the touring, it is a glory. I just can't wait for that album to come out in three months time.


You can listen to and buy the EP for your preferred price on the duo's website:


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