zondag 20 september 2015

CD release party Perceptions. All Comes Down

Photo: Wo.
A release party of a new record is meant to be just that: a party. The new record is there and the band shows to friends, family and fans (all "f" words of the friendly sort. A coincidence?) that it is ready to go out into the wide world with its new songs.

All Comes Down was reviewed twice before this year, so you know, dear reader, that I'm a fan. There is not much more to add to what I wrote over the past months. The band was ready and played a perfect set, seen from the perspective of those in the audience. The music was electric, alive and great fun, singer Zjantal got better by the song and got to some great heights vocally.

Photo: Wo.
I have some amends to make to bass player Lester de Bats. On stage his hard driven bass was very noticeable. Melodic where possible, driving where needed, filling with some pumped up sound when solos were played. All three musicians are truly complementary to each other and are ready for the next step. With a song like 'Perceptions' in the repertoire, the band has a hit. "Why don't you let me into your head" indeed. Mission accomplished, All Comes Down.

It's time to make a next step. This band is good. It has found the blend between metal, rock and pop that may appeal to a lot of people. It will be interesting to follow All Comes Down over the coming years.


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