woensdag 8 oktober 2014

The new Kairos by .No on Concertzender




No, .No. This time you do not get off this easily. There are quite some words following here. For you and all others interested to learn about Kairos. Quite some time back .No sent me an e-mail. He asked me to listen to his radio program on the Concertzender and provide some feedback. Me, (bad) friend and colleague as I am, answered "sure" and simply forgot about it. Also because I was a bit afraid of what he would present me with. The strangest sorts of music this man listens to. Not only listens to, produces as well on WoNo Productions Records. Check that out too. In other words, it's time to live up to my promise.

A few weeks back I received another e-mail. "Who is this Broeder Dieleman?", it read. If I remeber correctly I was on one of my foreign business trips. It turned out he had read my review of 'Gloria' (http://wonomagazine.blogspot.nl/2014/09/gloria-broeder-dieleman.html) and wanted to have a song for Kairos. That was achievable, so I put him into contact with the Snowstar Records label manager, who responded, and I didn't give it any further thought.

Then in the backroom of this blog, the part you do not get to see, dear reader, a new post went up: "The new Kairos" and I clicked on the link. Just like I invite you to do in a moment. A world sort of opened for me. It started with the final song of 'Gloria', 'In excelsis deo'. This is a serious piece of music, that sort of flawlessly melts into something by Arvo Pärt, the same who featured a few times on .NoWordsNeeded on this blog in the past weeks. When you go through the songs in Kairos you'll notice that .No gives us something like sneak previews of his show on this blog. Who'd ever think of letting Pärt's oratorio be followed by Depeche Mode? .No does and in such a way that you'd think that the two belong together. Encapsulated in Pärt Depeche Mode is.

It has to be noted that there also is a blatant case of nepotism on this Kairos. A guitar composition by one of the regular writers of WoNo, the Magazine that is and family member of .No features in Kairos, which is of course disputable, but perhaps also forgiveable. In fact, this composition for guitar of Hans Kockelmans is plain beautiful.

All joking aside, to finish my feedback, not all music suits my tastes, but .No manages to hear and capture elements within music that he can combine, even blend with complete and utterly different pieces of music that somehow totally connect. It shows he has a unique way of listening to music and is able to make connections that for ordinary ears like mine are unattainable. Just listen how the piano composition of Hans Suijkerbuijk blends with the birds and piano in 'Zusterstraat' by Broeder Dieleman, that in it's turn blends in with the atmosphere of the guitar composition by Hans Kockelmans. It continues this way for nearly an hour. It is seldom that the switch to another song or composition makes me prick up my ears.

To sum this episode of Kairos up, yes, it all is music that you do not hear everyday, most likely as in never, so take your chance to do so now, by clicking on the link .No provides above and indulge yourself in music that he wants us to hear. Music that is special in its way and presented in a special way. There's time enough to go back to (fill in your choice here, for me e.g. Ryan Adams and Royal Blood that I'm writing a review on for this blog), but for now Kairos. It's the right time for it.


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  1. Wo. hits the nail on the head in this review. We all say thank you Wo.! Go so on! BTW : Did you know that .No drives a Volvo? That is another example of how original this man is! You must it but dare! Myself I drive a Mercedes. That is other cookies. So I don't need to walk as .No has. But comes time comes advice. Who knows, after reading this he will change his mind. Greetings! Gustaaf.

  2. Ah well, de gustibus non disputandum est, right?

  3. That means : about taste falls not to twist.
    But what is taste? We discussing quality.

  4. Quality of what? Recordings, choice of music, performances, broadcasting, order of music? Seems to me that all of these are very much subject to taste (with perhaps an exception for recording).

  5. O, you are right! I had it about .No's Volvo. See you, he says always that my Mercedes is nothing! That want I here for a moment say.

  6. Gentlemen, would you be so kind and take your personal disputes off this blog and back to the private domain where they belong? Thank you.

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