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Taymir live: Boerderij Zoetermeer, 21-12-13

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This is what it must have been like watching The Golden Earrings in 1965 with 'Please go' and 'That day' on Radio Veronica or watching The Jam in 1977. Four young men, nearly boys, kicking the gig off with their one radio hit. Handclapping! Too little people joined in, but were blown away by four kids that showcased their hit with so much confidence. 'Aaah' is a winner. I have concluded that on this blog before and will do so again.

Taymir played the support slot for Di-Rect on the autumn tour that ended in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer. The venue was considerably filled considering that Di-Rect was not to start for over an hour. Whether most people already there knew what they were in for, is a question that goes unanswered. Most were clearly not familiar with the songs of 'Phosphene'. Taymir's impact was that most started to listen, respond and applaud. That's more than many new band can claim in a support slot.

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Taymir is so incredibly young. A few years older only than my step son I had with me. And the confidence the band displayed on stage. Like they owned it. But then they have the songs, the licks and the harmonies. The Beatles' singing is the reference to all things Taymir. Just like John, Paul and George harmonised, with the difference that Taymir has a lead singer. (Show your face to the crowd. Hiding behind hair is not cool!) Musically Taymir is a near perfect blend of The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. The hard driven riffs in the verse, the (search for a) perfect pop song and melody in the choruses. Not very unlike The Fratellis, but so much better.

I can't stop thinking that if 'Aaah' had been released in 1965 it would have been a sure top 10 hit, perhaps higher. Setting Taymir off on a year, perhaps decade, long career. I also have a vision that my son will go and see Taymir 30 years from now with his kids. A band this good ought to have a future like this. From my wheel chair I can then point to this huge rack with antiquated media and ask: "Will you hand me that cd, son" and then proudly show my grandkid a signed copy of 'Phosphene'.

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In short, I went to Zoetermeer and saw the future of poprock. Having seen Taymir live it's clear that I haven't seen a better new band for years. No not all was perfect, not all songs were the best I've ever heard. The set had a distinct dip in the middle (perfectly built up in other words), but the set ended with the most uptempo songs and some great harmonies. With a cowbell solo by Di-Rect singer Marcel Veenendaal somewhere near the end. This gig was completely convincing and that is as much as one can ask from a band this young. "What is good, comes young", a famous Dutch philosopher once said. I rest my case.

Taymir will be playing in your neighbourhood someday soon in 2014. You better not miss this new sensation from The Hague.


You can listen to 'Aaah' live at 3FM here.

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