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Roots in heaven: Glossy Jesus, 13 September 2013 Q-Bus

Glossy Jesus, Photo Wo.
At the third Roots in Heaven in Leiden's Q-Bus, Glossy Jesus opened the festival. The four piece band played a strong set. The second gig after singer-guitarist Maarten van den Hoonaard was hit by a car in the centre of Leiden earlier this year. My first exposure to the band was as support to the now ex-Girlyman. By comparison the band has made a giant leap. The songs were played with more power, the variation in songs was much just super and the three piece harmonies were at times spinetinkling. Without knowing one of Glossy Jesus' songs upfront, the band totally convinced for circa 75% of the set, with a few songs that went to a complete 100%. Everything seemed perfect into the finest details. From an anthem we had to sing along with, to a funky song or rockers and guitar riff driven southern rockers, Glossy Jesus surprised me several songs.

Glossy Jesus is built around singer/guitarist Maarten van den Hoonaard and Maarten Stuifbergen,
singer/keyboardist. Both sing alternate lead, the rockers by the former Maarten, the piano based, ballads songs by the latter. On bass and background vocals there is Xavier Baudet, who clearly knows what he's doing. He manages to weave in and out of the rhythm thus supporting rhythm and melody, something that makes a bass so much more than just a supporting instrument. On drums is the "best looking and youngest" band member, Tiuri van der Drift. This makes Glossy Jesus a band, much more than I remember from the support gig in spring 2012. A band that is tight and rocking from loud to smooth, with dynamics in all the right places. A band deserving a much bigger audience than present in Q-Bus this Friday. Now it's about finding the right song to go to 3FM and onwards to Serious Talent.

The songs played made me very curious to the new album. Chances are it will be reviewed on these pages soon.


You can listen to 'Isabella's theme'  here.

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