dinsdag 23 april 2013

Home. Atlantic Attraction

You can listen to 'Another one saved' here.

Home had its release party in Q-bus Leiden on 5 April 2013 (Click here for the review.). Fully sold out with friends, family, fans and yours truly who let himself be surprised. I liked what I heard, but how do the songs translate on record?

Home convinces. Those two words could suffice, but you wouldn't know anything, would you? Atlantic Attraction rocks in a clean way. Everything is under control for most of the time, but every once in a while the beast is let out of its cage, resulting in a sound close to gothic and even prog. 'Crayons' has this drum fills that draw attention, while towards the end the lid goes off and the guitars are allowed to let it rip. This could give the impression that there are two camps within the band, but as long as the dynamics within a song are so organically presented, there's nothing wrong with having two camps.

Atlantic Attraction is a master in blending pop melody with rock and even metal. The songs are there to sing along with or hum if you don't sing. There is light and shade in the songs. The band is clearly good at exploring the melody and follows different paths to give a song more depth. 'Pigs might fly' has several guitar melodies and a lot of layers in the music. A lot to explore as listener and that is always fun to do.

'Another one saved' is the obvious opener. The song is the strongest of the four. It has this flow that makes it stand out. Perhaps to loud for national radio, but who knows, there have louder hits then 'Another one saved'.

The last secret to Atlantic Attraction is a good singer and an inventive guitarist. Kevin de Haas has a voice that fits this music perfectly. Light and able to show emotion. Arend Lakke plays all these melodies and riffs that show him as a master guitarist. Sybren Huijsmans and Joris van der Poel lay the foundation that makes all this possible while at the same time sticking out regularly also.

One thing that I have to mention also. Pay just a little more attention to the lyrics. It's difficult to formulate in another language. Although my comment here is in the details and certainly not meant like in the first hits of The Golden Earrings.

Listening to the four songs on the Home EP again, I'm convinced that there is a place between Kane, Go Back To The Zoo and Handsome Poets somewhere for Atlantic Attraction. Its blend of rock and pop is good, interesting and full of dynamics. Home intrigues, surprises and holds my attention and that is not something Kane can say.

You can order Home here.

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