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You can listen to 'Cheap beer' here.

FIDLAR is a band of youngsters living the rock and roll dream, touring the world in the footsteps of its first album, filled with garage rockers and punky songs up to the hilt in 60s overtones. The lyrics are on drinking cheap beer, smoking weed, cocaine in my brain, skating and a girl that is such a whore. Not much to spend too much time contemplating the deeper meaning of things.

This album is a bunch of testosterone, mixed with enthusiasm and a deeply ingrained need to party hard and loud. The sound on FIDLAR is like the band is playing in a large factory hall and the recording mikes are at the other end of the hall. A bunch of noise, a wall of sound. There is an unexplainable stereo mix though, albeit very basic. For the rest energy is unleashed on the listener in large quantities, promising a party at any venue FIDLAR comes to play.

As the album continues, the mood becomes a bit more mellow, 'Gimme something' has some country overtones, like The Stones' in 1971/72. It proves that the band can write an interesting song as well, with some interesting guitar licks throw in for good measure. 'Lda' is a song with great 60s influences, that goes way beyond the opening songs of the album that are very much pub brawling songs, to shout out loud along together with the band. The change of pace and songs makes FIDLAR interesting enough to listen to more than a few times. Unlike Jacco Gardner's debut album 'Cabinet of curiosity' the 60s influences on this album come very much alive, through the melodies and the raunchy guitars and solos. My hunch is that the mix of 60s and late 70s (punk and new wave) rock injects is just right. From The Kinks and The Who to The Knack and The Romantics is a good description. FIDLAR may be slightly less commercial, but the influences are clearly there. More modern names are The Living End and Jet, both Aussie bands.

A prominent feature on FIDLAR are the double tracked vocals. Elvis Kuehn and Zac Carper shout out their lungs at times as, as most of the songs are more shouted, than sung. That's not something to listen to at all times of the day, but at this moment I'm enjoying myself immensely. Both also play guitar. Max Kuehn (drums), Brandon Schwartzel (bass) complete the band. FIDLAR is an acronym, Fuck It, Dog, Life's A Risk. YOLO all the way it seems.

FIDLAR offers nothing new, but what they do, they do in style. This records rocks, is great fun and along the way the band shows potential as they present some "real" songs along the way. There is a keen ear for dirty riffs. solos and melodies. Plain fun with a small hint of danger. Just what someone wants out of garage and punkrockers. FIDLAR is a welcome addition to my collection.


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