zaterdag 29 december 2012

The Kik, Live in Het Paard

Dave von Raven. Photo Wo.
You can listen to 'Springlevend' here.

This year The Kik surprised Dutch pop fans with a real Nederbeat album. (Click here for the review.) Beat from the top most shelve, to translate a Dutch saying. 'Springlevend' is exactly what the title promises: very much alive. With originals and covers in a 1966 pop-idiom that just beg to sing along with. 100% anachronistic and still almost everybody I know sings 'Simone', a cover of 1966 'The dancer' of Australian band The Allusions. So how does The Kik transpose this fun on record to the stage?

Before the show an elderly gentleman next to me made himself known as the father of singer/guitarist Dave von Raven. A proud dad, that was for sure. As my girlfriend and I were there with our four kids ranging from 11 to 19, he wondered whether the kids liked the music The Kik played. The answer is very much yes, as all four stayed away from modern communication devices during the show and were truly enjoying themselves. Except to take pictures that is.

From the very first song 'Springlevend' a storm was cooked up on stage that did not lie down before the final chord of 'Verliefd op een plaatje' was hammered into the audience. 'Verliefd op een plaatje' is the correct song to end the encore with, as in my opinion it's the band's best song to date. In between The Kik showed how good it is. Those fun guitar licks within the songs, jingle-jangles, the harmonies that go up/down at the end of line, the 60s sound of the organ and the fun to sing along with lyrics. It all spelt "hits" to me. And sing along the audience did and was given the opportunity to do so a few times.

As 'Springlevend' only has 13 songs and most very short, we were treated to several new songs of which 'Straat Bali', with the lyrics of the bass player's granddad, is most likely to be a hit thanks to the la-la-la part. The intro to a new song in progress was let loose on the audience. Just to see how well down it would go. It sounded very familiar, to everyone with even one inkling of knowledge of The Beatles repertoire that is, as it consisted of one chord/stroke only.

Dave von Raven, Arjan Spies, Marcel Groenwegen. Photo Wo.
This side to The Kik was given ample time also. The introductions were sometimes very long, sometimes funny and a natural part of the show. Without taking the pace away. Usually this is not the case. Interludes from the stint as house band to the daily talk show 'De wereld draait door' were also very funny. 30 second snippets of well known Dutch songs like 'Mien waar is mijn feestneus' and 'De vogeltjesdans' went down quite well.

The show left me feeling quite happy and content. As everything is upbeat, played and sung well, with loads of a mix of fun and energy. The combination of the songs of songwriters Dave von Raven and Arjan Spies with a few covers set to Dutch lyrics work very well. It may prove to be a challenge for The Kik to keep up this enormously high level of music. Time will tell. For now, The Kik live is the true epitome of beat music AD 2012. Something to see and enjoy with the whole extended family. And readers not from The Netherlands, check out this band. Overcome your fear for a foreign language and you will be rewarded.


You can order 'Springlevend' and the singles here on The Kik's website.

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