maandag 15 oktober 2012

The Rolling Stones announce ...

In our story on The Rolling Stones we speculated on what 2012 would bring (read here). It looks like all answers have been given.

50 years The Rolling Stones brought:

- pictures in front of the Marquee club, 50 years after the first gig;
- a fancy picture book so heavy that it kills;
- a greatest hits album is announced called 'Grrr!' to be released on 9-11-12;
- a gorilla with tongue and lips logo;
- a new single Called 'Doom and gloom' was released last Thursday;

- 18 October the documentary film 'Crossfire hurricane' will be released;
- and, yes, for those who like to travel click here before it's too late, to see this:

Photo from The Rolling Stones website

The Stones are to play two shows in London late November and two in Newark mid December.

So concluding. Again the masterminds of The Stones marketing team did a great job at working towards occasions, building it up step by step. Well done! And now get into the studio and start writing and recording new songs!!!!!!


You can make a reservation to order Grrr! here

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