zondag 14 oktober 2012

III. Sunday Sun

You can listen to 'Sunday Sun' here.

In just a few months, three EPs. Each released for free over a short period of time. That sounds like a marketing plan, to draw a lot of attention to this new band from The Netherlands. As far as I'm concerned they succeeded. Speaking with singer-songwriter Dennis Kolen recently, he said the following on Sunday Sun: "These guys are totally going to make it. They have the songs, the voices, the harmonies". There's only one thing for me to do here: totally agree with him.

III is more held back than I and II. The eclectic melodies and the sheer exuberance of singing is missing here. Despite the fact that the tempo is faster than almost all songs of the teeth gluing sweetness of Bread's songs, this is what I arrive at, U.S. balladry. The songs have a more serious undertone, that makes it harder to endear to at first listen. Putting it on again and again, proves that I'm going to appreciate III also. Quality is all over the place

'You light up the sky' starts with this honky tonk sounding piano (and ends with it). A bit corny start, but again Sunday Sun finds a way to give the song a twist, several even, in which the voices blend and melt together in a superb way.

It is in the sixth song that the EP really gets under way. A Roger McGuinn Rickenbacker sound and The Byrds singing that lifts 'Sing' off the ground. Seven miles high is my first guess. There are so many different sounding voices in this small, delicate song, that it is a treat to listen to.

Sometimes I need to be honest. III is not the best EP of the three. I and II contain more fun songs. Pure pop is dominant, the more serious songs are sort of shielded there. That makes it harder to get used to III than to its two predecessors. At the same time quality does not hide itself. Sunday Sun shows another side of itself and does this with a truck load of confidence. This band has everything going for itself. It's up to the world to discover true beauty, as that is the only appropriate words for Sunday Sun's music: "True beauty".


P.S. And just after posting  I realized something. Singing 'Ordinary love' I was reminded by another Dutch band that split up at the end of 2009, as I started humming 'Pergola'. Vacating the Dutch pop crown voluntary. "Johan is dead. Long live Sunday Sun"!

You can download III for free till Friday 26 October 2012 for free here.

After this date order it at the same link and buy I and II as well. And don't forget to check out the tour dates over the coming weeks on the same website.

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